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    ​Following the hot fever craze over the Song-Song couple of both Song JoongKi and Song Hye Kyo, the announcement of their wedding has since then sparked numerous controversies. Both parties were starring in the hot popular K-drama series known as the Descendents of the Sun (DOTS) in which it brought the two stars to overwhelming fame overnight. Since the airing of the K-drama, K-drama fans were head over heels with the two stars. There were also rumors pertaining to the co-stars being in a relationship but was dismissed initially. However, recently, the agencies of Song JoongKi and Song Hye Kyo revealed news of the wedding between the two co-stars. This announcement sparked a great deal of limelight under the media and it received several mixed reactions from fans. Some fans were genuinely happy that their favorite on-screen couple was finally becoming a reality while on the other hand, some fans were unhappy that their idol was no longer single and no longer "theirs" so hence they resorted to leaving their idols.

    For instance, the once greatly coveted life sized cut out standee of Song JoongKi where fans would queue to lay their hands on them are now being seen, strewn along the public roads and some even disposed at the neighbourhood garbage centres. Hence, it showed how some fans were disappointed with this union. However, there were still fans who still supported both actor and actress upon their union and are looking forward to more of their wedding updates in time to come.

    With the Song-Song couple finally coming true in reality, share with us your favourite on-screen couple and who knows, it might be the next Song-Song couple!