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Singaporean workers are one of the most unhappiest

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  • Singaporean workers are one of the most unhappiest

    SINGAPORE — Workers in Singapore are an unhappy and pessimistic lot.

    The Republic has ranked the lowest in job happiness, and workers here are the most pessimistic about their jobs, according to a survey conducted across seven Asian nations.

    Furthermore, ratings for job optimism among Singapore workers is expected to drop further in the coming six months.

    Upon this, some companies acknowledged the importance of work life balance to increase job satisfaction and have begun in adopting flexible work arrangements since then.

    Mr Erman Tan, president of the Singapore Human Resources Institute, said: “These arrangements make workers happier. And when you have happier workers, the level of motivation is higher.”

    Mr Lee Haoming, 28, who works as a strategist in Megafash, said that having such arrangements does not breed complacency among employees. He added that the firm has

    a fortnightly meeting to keep tabs on the work progress of its different departments.

    Mr Lee also added on saying that he felt that it was more effective as opposed to adhering to the rigid working hours where employees are less productive.

    Hence, flexible working arrangements indeed proves to be beneficial for employees as it helps to cater to employee needs better and promoting work-life balance

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    presenteeism is still too prevalent in singapore.. even if you work on a sales/quota basis, bosses still want to see you doing work even though there's only need for minimal supervision. asians need to learn to be more open to alternative working arrangements


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      Agreed with debs. Employers should embrace flexible work arrangements man. I can just finish my job duties at home uh
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